The young participants have completed their race in the Valea Morilor Park

Today, July 13, the second children’s triathlon race, Kids Triathlon Triumph, was held in the Valea Morilor Park.

Children aged between 7-13 took part in Kids Triathlon Triumph race. The participants were divided into three age groups: 7-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-13 years old. All age groups had to cover the same distance: 200 m swimming in open water, 2.5 km cycling, 1 km running.

The winners of the 7-8 years old age group:
1. Ceban Ștefan
2. Terna Timofei
3. Popusoi Vladislav

1. Tureac Irina
2. Buyankina Maria

The winners of the 9-10 years old age group:

1. Uja David
2. Ganebnii Alexandr
3. Iovv Kirill

1. Catana Anisia
2. Mogîldea Ecaterina
3. Guțul Daria

The winners of the 11-13 years old age group:
1. Tulchii Konstantin
2. Ceban Artem
3. Datsenko Timyr

1. Boboc Raluca Alexandra
2. Tufaru Denisa
3. Melega Nadejda

As a reminder, Kids Triathlon Triumph is held as part of Moldovan Olympic distance triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph by BMW i, which is scheduled for tomorrow, July 14. This year, Kids Triathlon received the status of National Children’s Triathlon Championship.

In the evening, between 18:00-19:00, the briefing for participants of Olympic distance triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph by BMW i, will be held in the sports town of the Valea Morilor Park. The organizers will explain in detail the rules and conditions of participation in all event stages, therefore, the attendance of each registered participant is mandatory.

The participants who take part in the Olympic distance have to issue the triathlete’s license. The license for the Triathlon Triumph 2019 period may be purchased when receiving the starter package in the registration area. In addition, you may purchase the annual license, which may be used in the national and commercial triathlon series, as well as in international championships.

Kids Triathlon Triumph championship is organized by the public sports organization Sporter, Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova and the popular women’s forum