Now Moldova has three more Ironman!

On Saturday, August 4, the international Ironman triathlon competition took place in Tallinn. Participants had to overcome a 3.8-km swimming stage, a 180-km cycling stage, and a 42.2-km full marathon.

The pedestal of the competition for those strong in body and spirit was topped by Swiss triathlete Philipp Koutny, who overcame the distance in just over eight hours (08:01:18). The second place was conquered by German Marc Dülsen, who finished with the result of 08:06:16. The third place went to Estonian triathlete Marko Albert, who finished in 08:07:11).

The whole of Moldova closely followed the course of the competition, as three amateur athletes went to Estonia to represent our country: Cristian Plugari, Adrian Stamatin and the Ambassador of the Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova, Ana Cazacu.
As the athletes wrote on their social networking pages, the most difficult stage of the competition was cycling, because they had to ride 180 km under the torrential Tallinn rain. But the Moldovan sportsmen coped with this test! These are the results of our athletes at the Ironman triathlon in Tallinn:

Ana Cazacu - 12:47:26

Cristian Plugari - 14:28:44

Adrian Stamatin - 12:43:14

It has to be emphasized that the FTRM Ambassador, Ana Cazacu, has not simply ranked second in her age category, but has also become the FIRST iron woman in our country! Ana overcame the full Ironman distance in 12:47:27, occupying second place in her age category and ranking 72nd among all female participants. Ana, well done, Moldova is proud of you!
May you be reminded that the first athlete to represent Moldova at a similar competition was Irina Matcovscaia, who in July 2016 passed half of the Ironman distance - 70.3, in Budapest. This year, Ana beat the record of her compatriot, overcoming the full distance of the Ironman competition.

We are proud that yesterday, the number of ironmen among Moldovans almost doubled! We are looking forward for new victories and records!