Ana Cazacu overcame the full distance of Ironman Tallinn

On Saturday, August 4, the international Ironman triathlon competition took place in Tallinn. The event was attended by over 1,500 professional and amateur sportsmen from 50 countries.


Participants had to compete on a full "iron" distance: 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling and 42.2 kilometers running. Moldova was represented by three amateur athletes: Christian Plugari, Adrian Stamatin and Ambassador of the Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova, Ana Cazacu.

All participants from Moldova showed good results. Ana Cazacu ranked second in her age category and become the FIRST iron woman in our country! She overcame the full Ironman distance in 12:47:27. Ana told us about her sports achievements and about how the competition was held in Tallinn.

- Anna, what difficulties did you face in the competition?

- For me, the real test was waiting for my luggage, which I lost in Tallinn. There was my bike, my dry suit and sports shoes. Fortunately, I got it back just an hour before the closure of the transit zone.

- What’s the most memorable about Ironman in Tallinn?

- Each competition for me is special, as it brings new knowledge and great experience. I got a lot of emotions during and after the race. The distance of IronMan, which I have just overcome, is my biggest achievement to date.

- Which event proved the hardest for you?

- In the running event there was a weak moment, when I even stopped running and started walking fast. Yet I had to pull myself together and continue running without stopping until the finish.

- Did you have any traumas during competitions?

- Fortunately, I never got serious injuries in competitions. I always try to be careful and attentive.

- Why do you prefer triathlon?

- I like triathlon because it combines three separate disciplines. You can distribute energy so that it is enough for all contests. I found myself in triathlon. I just like doing it.

- Tell us, which was the most difficult and meaningful race for you?

- Of course, the competition in Tallinn was the most difficult for me, given the length of the distances. Despite this, I enjoyed every overcome kilometer.

- Ana, how many medals do you have in your collection?

- In total I have 46 medals in my collection.

- What peak do you plan to conquer next time?

- I would like to participate in IronMan in Kona, Hawaii, and, of course, I want to become a good coach in the future to teach others, share my experience and motivation.

Congratulations to Anna with another great achievement and we wish her new records!