What items each triathlete should have?


Before getting ready for the triathlon races, you need to purchase some equipment. Triathletes prefer to use the latest, the most high quality and the most modern triathlon equipment, even if it’s very expensive. There is some main equipment, which is essential for the training sessions, let alone the races. Also, there are accessories, which triathletes purchase by choice. Below, we present a list of items needed for triathlon practice and competitions:


The use of the wetsuit depends on water temperature. Both long and short sleeves are used in the triathlon championships. The long sleeves offer more warmth and extra sliding in the water. But the arms feel more free when the sleeves are short. In addition, the short sleeve wetsuit is easier to take off, which is an important criterion when time is of essence in the transit zone.


The trisuit is the equipment used by the triathlete throughout the whole race. For this reason, the trisuit has to be compatible with your goals, preferences and other equipment, which you will be using at the start of the race.

Swim cap and goggles

Choosing a swim cap is easy: pick the one which is very durable and which is manufactured by a reliable brand. As for goggles, it is best to buy the ones with large lenses and soft sealant. This will help reduce the pressure of your nasal septum, as well as chafing, and will create a wide visual field.


If you are a novice in triathlon, you don’t need to buy the most expensive bike for sessions or races. As your experience in triathlon grows, you will be able to choose the bike that suits you best. But until then, you might use the mountain bike or the road bike, which are actually pretty suitable for the competitions.


The helmet is a necessary item for each triathlete. The helmet has to cover the top of your head and reach the middle of your forehead. The straps have to be comfortable. Fasten the helmet, put your both hands on it and try to move your head back and forth. If you have done it and a part of your head comes out of the helmet, it means, the helmet is not fastened well.

Cycling shoes

For the bike segment you have two options: sneakers or cycling shoes. Of course, it’s best to purchase the triathlon cycling shoes, which have a seamless lining, so you could wear them without socks, and drainage holes, so the wet feet could dry quickly.

Spares, pomp and tool kit

Each triathlete must have a pomp, spares for the bike and a tool kit, which are essential for bike repairs on the track. These items will not improve your race time, but they might help you avoid offensive disqualifications due to common punctures or breakdowns.

Running shoes

The main principle when choosing the running shoes: pick the ones which fit you best and in which you feel comfortable, even after hours of training. Bad running shoes might make it impossible for you to cover the distance, therefore, choose your shoes carefully.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is a very simple device: the wireless monitor located on your chest transmits the accurate data on your heart rate to the smart watch. Most likely, this procurement will be the most important one. This device will help you increase the effectiveness of your training, and you won’t have to calculate the ideal training mode and measure your heartbeat.

Cap or visor

The cap or visor is needed to protect you from the sun. The most popular cap model is considered to be the one which has elements made of mesh material. It allows to moisture your head with water, when necessary.

Until the third open-air triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph 2019, there are only a few weeks left, so you still have some time to prepare and to buy all the equipment required for sessions and competition.

As a reminder, the third open-air triathlon championship, Triathlon Triumph 2019, will be held on July 14. The participants will have to cover one of the distances:
    • Super Sprint: 400 m swimming, 10 km cycling and 2.5 km running;
    • Olympic Relay: 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running.

    Kids Triumph will be held as part of this championship on July 13, 2019. The young participants will have to cover 200 m swimming, 2.5 km cycling and 1 km running.

    Attention to all participants of the Olympic distance! You need to issue a triathlete’s license. The license for the Triathlon Triumph 2019 period costs 40 MDL (~2 EURO) and may be purchased when receiving the starter package in the registration area. In addition, you may purchase the annual license.

    To register and to learn more about the sporting event, please visit