The coolest triathlon races in the world


The dream of every triathlete is to participate in the most prestigious international races. Triathlon isn’t just a sport, it’s a possibility to travel to the most beautiful places of the world. We have made a list of triathlon races, in which each advanced participant must take part.

ITU World Triathlon Series

In ITU World Triathlon Series only the strongest sportsmen participate, who compete for the champion title and receive the most prestigious prizes. The races have Olympic standards for various disciplines: swimming - 1.5 km, cycling - 40 km and running - 10 km.

Ironman Hawaii

Ironman Hawaii race is considered one of the most important events in triathlon world. Ironman is organized by ITU and it represents a long distance race. Thousands of athletes from all over the world participate in this race. Swimming distance is 3.89 km, cycling - 180.2 km and running - 42.195 km.

Ironman France

Ironman France races are organized since 2005 in the resort town of Nice and thousands of participants from all over the globe annually register for this race. It starts with 3.8 km swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Next stage is cycling on a distance of 180 km. The cycling track lies through the most beautiful places of the city, where you can see the picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea and of the costal Alps. The last stage is running 42.195 km on a track with 4 loops.

Escape from Alcatraz

Escape from Alcatraz race is annually held in San-Francisco, USA. The swimming stage starts from the coast of the island, which associates with the famous US high-security prison, Alcatraz. The athletes have to cover the following distances: 2.4 km swimming, 28.9 km cycling and 12.8 km running.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Laguna Phuket Triathlon is the oldest Asian triathlon race, which last year celebrated 25 years from its birth. The most famous triathletes in the world compete in this race. However, the distances for individual races are pretty challenging. The participants have to cover the following distances: 1.8 km swimming, 50 km cycling and 12 km running on the most difficult tracks.

Ironman 70.3

Ironman 70.3 race is also known as the Half Ironman. It is annually organized by ITU. The Ironman 70.3 distances are the following: 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21.1 km running. The World Championship within Ironman 70.3 is organized in Florida, USA.

World Championship Xterra

Xterra is another triathlon race which is organized in Hawaii. All athletes, who are not afraid of challenges, participate in it. They have to swim 1.5 km in the sea, ride the bike for 32 km and run 11 km on petrified lava. Only participants, who have experience in competing in triathlon races, are admitted to Xterra race.

New York City Triathlon

New York City Triathlon has Olympic distances. The participants have to swim 1 mile in the Hudson River, ride the bike for 25 miles on the West Side Highway and run 6 miles on New-York streets. The finish line is set in the Manhattan Central Park.

Triathlon Triumph

Making the list of the coolest triathlon races, we couldn’t miss out the annual Moldova Triathlon Triumph Championship. This year, the race is scheduled for July 14. Both professional and amateur sportsmen may participate in it.

The participants have to cover one of the following distances:
    • Super Sprint: 400 m swimming, 10 km cycling and 2.5 km running;
    • Relay Olympic: 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running.

    On 13 July 2019, Kids Triumph will be organized as part of this championship. The young participants will have to swim 200 m, cycle 2.5 km and run 1 km.

    To register and learn more, please visit the official website